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How do you find mobile app development companies that you can trust–that you know will help you realize your vision and bring it to market?

There is no magic to it. Ask the companies you are considering a few questions, like:

  • How many apps have you shipped?
  • Do you have any projects you started but didn’t actually ship?
  • What is your top priority for developing my app?

The answer to these questions and others like it will reveal a great deal about the company you are talking to. Budgets matter and everyone knows that. Most people are also constrained by that. But the primary question you should be asking app development companies is, “can you ship”? Some development companies consider their code to be their art. And while taking pride in one’s work should be commended, at the end of the day, in the immortal words of Steve Jobs:

Real artists ship!

(Attributed to Steve Jobs–co-founder of Apple Computer)

In software development parlance, to “ship” means you’ve finished the product development and testing. You’ve iterated all the way through from inception, to pivots/changes, and finally to a completed app that is ready to be “shipped” to your customers.

At Skye Road Systems, we believe that our value to our customers is only as good as our ability to ship and to do so on time and on budget. Contact us to start a conversation about the best mobile app development companies. There are many out there, but we are among the best.